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The obelisk is a minigame that was added to the game on April 7th, 2019. It requires a team of adventurers to cooperate to build barricades and slay waves of monsters that are trying to destroy the Obelisk. However, in return for their service, the obelisk rewards players with coins, cloth and interesting weapons to help them in game.

Location of Obelisk Minigame.

There are a number of actions that reward a player with Ancient Energy - the currency that can be handed in for rewards. These include building or repairing Barricades around the map using chiseled stones, Healing the Obelisk, or killing the monsters that spawn. With each successive wave of monsters, the rewards given for doing any of these actions is multiplied, so building or repairing a barricade, or killing a rat initially only provides 20 ancient energy, but at higher waves can give more than 100!

Rewards Edit

Once a player has collected any amount of Ancient Energy, they can hand it in to the Obelisk for a chance of recieving Coins, Purple, Burgundy or Red cloth as well as Obelisk only items on the following table.


Skeleton bow
Skeleton Bow Ranged weapon 35 Ranged focus R.focus +32

R.power +18

Bone dagger
Bone dagger Melee weapon, 1 tick faster than other daggers. 15 Melee focus Me.focus +16

Me.power -8

Ogre club
Ogre club Melee weapon, Slow attack speed, but can attack from a range of one cell away. 35 Melee power Me.Focus -8


Melee def +8

R. focus -4

R. power -4

Ghostly shield
Ghostly shield Currently the only shield that provides any stat benefit. 35 Magic Defense Ma.Def +16

Me.Def +2

Scrambler Randomises the Target of a Tome or Bag None
Inferno knife
Inferno knife Trains mainly fletching, but also incinerates the bow created into shards, providing a small amount of firemaking experience 20 Fletching
Obelisk tele
Obelisk teleport Teleport directly to the obelisk minigame - also a good way of quickly reaching Bodiam None

Basic Strategy Edit

The Obelisk is best done in groups of at least 2 adventurers, although they can both be controlled by one person. One to mine stone, and repair the barricade directly north of the Obelisk, one to kill the waves of monsters. The mining adventurer does not require any stats, but the combat adventurer should have a high level in all melee stats and some food. Continue killing the monsters, and repairing the barricade until the monsters are about to break through, then leave, and restart the minigame. At 50 melee stats it should be possible to last through the first 15-20 waves before needing to reset.

It is currently agreed the best strategy for claiming rewards is to hand the energy in as often as possible rather than saving a large amount of energy for a single reward roll. While possible, hand in your energy after each wave.

Pushing High Waves Edit

In order to have longer runs it is recommended to have at least 4 adventurers, and preferably at least 2 different players, however - the more people the better! Having 2 adventurers mining and repairing barricades, and everyone else dealing with the waves of monsters. To reach higher waves it is recommended that the combat adventurers have not only maxed melee stats, but also a high level in both ranged defense and magic defense, and to bring a set of armor for all 3 styles of combat. In addition to bringing an armor switch, a good amount of food is required, preferably a bag of 50 or 100 Starslugs. Using this method it is entirely possible to reach wave 100 or more.

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