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With Patch V61 released in September '20 a new method of creating Silk was added to the game. This was a highly requested feature as prior to this update, the best way of gathering silk was stealing from level 20 or 50 chests, or killing high level NPCs, and only provided a random assortment of cloth. Now a player can use Silk Thread that is gathered from Woodcutting to create Silk, which is then enchanted to a specific color at one of the 5 obelisks scattered throughout Eloria.

Gathering Silk Thread

Silk is gathered from any tier of tree that is covered in a web of silk. This silk shows up more commonly in the Woodcutting Guild restricted area, based on the tier of the guild, but does appear on any tree at a lesser rate. You gather a random amount with each log chopped. with higher tier trees providing more silk thread per log chopped

Processing Silk Thread into Silk

The next step to making Silk is to spin the thread at any Spinning Wheel in Eloria. Bodiam and Hyrill both have spinning wheels close to a bank, but there are spinning wheels in most of the major towns. Each Silk requires 10 Silk Thread, and provides 25 experience to spin. While silk thread is stackable, silk is not so it is important to only take enough thread to fill your inventory, or watch to make sure you dont end up dropping silk on the ground when your inventory is full. It is highly recommended to make a Silk bag to increase the amount of silk created per trip. This bag will also help when enchanting the silk.

Enchanting Silk

There are 5 different obelisks scattered around Eloria. Each one will enchant a different tier of Silk and requires one silk and an amount of bind essence. You also require a certain level of Environment Magic to enchant the different types of Cloth.

Obelisk Location Level Req Items Required Environment Magic Experience
Blue Gem Obelisk (61, 116) Half way between Hyril and Fiewon. Fastest route is using Hyril Teleports and running north. 0 1 Bind Essence, 1 Silk 25
Green Gem Obelisk (236, 47) South east of Salmo, directly south of the Mill, or south west of the Woodcutting Guild. Either teleport is just as fast. 10 2 Bind Essence, 1 Silk 50
Purple Gem Obelisk (119, 8) Head down the ladder located at (106, 14) to the 'Crab Cave.' The ladder is located on the beach, directly west of Salmo. 20 3 Bind Essence, 1 Silk 75
Burgundy Gem Obelisk (110, 350) Down the ladder inside the mining guild headquarters, and to the east. May require a tier of the mining guild to unlock. 30 4 Bind Essence, 1 Silk 100
Red Gem Obelisk (332, 23) Directly North of the Wood cutting guild. May require a tier of the woodcutting guild to unlock. 40 5 Bind Essence, 1 Silk 125