Image Name Level Location(s)
Osaik 100
  • Tutorial island
  • Overworld 24,9

Quest info

Quest steps


You will need to get Osaik and yourself to the land of Eloria
  1. talk to Osaik
  2. fish a raw shrimp
  3. chop a tree
  4. use matchbox on logs
  5. use raw shrimp on fire untill you succesfully cooked a shrimp
  6. talk to Osaik
  7. kill rat & pickup Osaik's key
  8. use the teleport he gave you
  9. follow the Arrow and talk to Osaik
  • copper armor set
  • 100 coins
  • Freedom!

Extra info

Talk options


After completing the quest,you can ask him to explain things about the game
  • What is thieving?
  • How does crafting work?
  • How can i connect with other adventurers?
  • I want to learn more.
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