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Magic is one of the three combat styles in Guilds of Gods. It consists of three skills: Magic Focus, Magic Power and Magic Defense. It is largely considered the hardest and most expensive style of Combat to train, but Magic Defense in particular is extremely useful against a large selection of higher level enemies.

In order to train magic, a player must first obtain Spells. Each spell is made through Alchemy. Spells can also be bought from the Magic Store in Hyrill or Cadgwith, or Lesser Air Wound can be pick-pocketed from Men. Once a player has acquired spells, they may cast them on enemies to gain experience in the magic skill category of their choice. Like melee and ranged, these skills may be selected from the combat settings menu.

With the new magic update you can also auto-cast spells just from essence as long as you have found the appropriate scroll, however this is not recommended, as essences are a lot harder to obtain than Pots of Ash, and alchemy experience is vital.


Lesser air wound.png
Lesser Air Wound Provides 1 Cast of Lesser Air Wound 1 Magic Focus
Lesser water wound.png
Lesser Water Wound Provides 1 Cast of Lesser Water Wound 2 Magic Focus
Lesser earth wound.png
Lesser Earth Wound Provides 1 Cast of Lesser Earth Wound 4 Magic Focus
Lesser fire wound.png
Lesser Fire Wound Provides 1 Cast of Lesser Fire Wound 6 Magic Focus
Lesser metal wound.png
Lesser Metal Wound Provides 1 Cast of Lesser Metal Wound 8 Magic Focus


Lesser air wound scroll.png
Lesser Air Wound Scroll Unlocks Lesser Air Wound None
Lesser water wound scroll.png
Lesser Water Wound Scroll Unlocks Lesser Water Wound None
Lesser earth wound scroll.png
Lesser Earth Wound Scroll Unlocks Lesser Earth Wound None
Lesser fire wound scroll.png
Lesser Fire Wound Scroll Unlocks Lesser Fire Wound None
Lesser metal wound scroll.png
Lesser Metal Wound Scroll Unlocks Lesser Metal Wound None
3x3 item pickup scroll.png
3x3 Item pickup scroll Unlocks 3x3 Pickup spell 1 Magic focus
5x5 Item pickup scroll.png
5x5 Item pickup scroll Unlocks 5x5 Pickup spell 30 Magic focus

Magic Robes


Blue wizard hat.png
Blue Wizard Hat 1 Magic Defense
Blue wizard top.png
Blue Wizard Top 1 Magic Defense
Blue wizard bottom.png
Blue Wizard Bottom 1 Magic Defense
Green wizard hat.png
Green Wizard Hat 10 Magic Defense
Green wizard top.png
Green Wizard Top 10 Magic Defense
Green wizard bottom.png
Green Wizard Bottom 10 Magic Defense
Purple wizard hat.png
Purple Wizard Hat 20 Magic Defense
Purple wizard top.png
Purple Wizard Top 20 Magic Defense
Purple wizard bottom.png
Purple Wizard Bottom 20 Magic Defense
Burgundy wizard hat.png
Burgundy Wizard Hat 30 Magic Defense
Burgundy wizard top.png
Burgundy Wizard Top 30 Magic Defense
Burgundy bottom.png
Burgundy Wizard Bottom 30 Magic Defense
Red wizard hat.png
Red Wizard Hat 40 Magic Defense
Red wizard top.png
Red Wizard Top 40 Magic Defense
Red wizard bottom.png
Red Wizard Bottom 40 Magic Defense

Training Strategy

Magic training is easier if you have already maxed your melee combat stats, as this will allow you to AFK train at Goblins or Rats. Another option is to AFK at the aggressive chickens in Alpha Wolf's dungeon.

Buying spells is currently the easiest way to obtain a large amount of lower tier spells.