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The current map. There's also a slightly outdated interactive map created by MilkN2Sugars that contains the names of towns and points of interest, as well as the location of dungeons, tools (anvil, furnace, incinerators, etc.), and shops.

Guilds of Gods is an old-style RPG game in early development testing by Apalapa, where players control a character that can perform any number of actions such as cutting down trees, mining, and more. With these resources, the player must use all their skills to create ever stronger items, defeating enemies to become ever stronger!

It can be played at and requires only a basic registration.

Feel free to add or change details for clarity and posterity

Since this game is very early-development, everything may change at any time, and therefore will possibly need changing here often. I simply ask that edits are legible and improve the passing along of information about the game.

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