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Fletching Edit

Fletching is the skill related to the creation of ammunition for use in the ranged skill. It is considered one of the easiest skills in the game to train, but can be a major drain of resources!

Tools and Materials Edit

Feathers Add to Arrow Shafts to make Headless Arrows
Knife Used to fletch logs into items General Store
Inferno knife
Inferno knife Instantly incinerates bows that are fletched with it, providing fletching experience, firemaking experience and shards. Obby minigame
Wolf claw
Wolf claw Add to headless arrows to make arrows Wolves and Alpha wolf @ underworld position 162,56
Arrow shaft
Arrow Shafts Add to feathers to make Headless Arrows Fletching

Stealing from Men

Headless arrows
Headless Arrows Add Arrow heads to make Arrows Fletching skill
Rock Spike Use with chisel to make Rock Bolts Rockshell Crabs

Ammunition Edit

Name Requirements Arrow Stats Items used in creation XP (# crafted per tick)
Copper arrows
Copper arrows 5 Smithing

1 Fletching

R.Focus +4

R.Power +4

Copper Arrow heads, Headless Arrows 25 (5)
Iron arrows
Iron arrows 15 Smithing

10 Fletching

R.Focus +8

R.Power +8

Iron Arrow heads, Headless Arrows 50 (5)
Steel arrows
Steel arrows 25 Smithing

20 Fletching

R.Focus +12

R.Power +12

Steel Arrow heads, Headless Arrows 75 (5)
Nelenite arrows
Nelenite arrows 35 Smithing

30 Fletching

R.Focus +16

R.Power +16

Nelenite Arrow heads, Headless Arrows 100 (5)
Gothite arrows
Gothite arrows 45 Smithing

40 Fletching

R.Focus +18

R.Power +18

Gothite Arrow heads, Headless Arrows 125 (5)
Osmium arrows
Osmium arrows 55 Smithing

50 Fletching

R.Focus +20

R.Power +20

Osmium Arrow heads, Headless Arrows 150 (5)
Wolf claw arrows
Wolf claw arrows 25 Fletching R.Focus+16


Wolf Claws, Headless Arrows

Wolves, and Alpha Wolf in the dungeon below the volcano drop claws commonly

125 (5)
Rock bolts
Rock bolts 35 Fletching R.Focus +10


Rock spikes, chisel

Rock Crabs in the dungeon to the west of Cadgwith drop the spikes commonly

35 (2)

Bows / Unstrung Edit

Cutting a bow requires a knife, and a log of the appropriate type. To string, add a bow string crafted from flax.


Requirements Exp - Cutting Exp - Stringing
Bow 5 Fletching 30 25
Oak bow
Oak bow 15 Fletching 60 50
Ash bow
Ash bow 25 Fletching 90 75
Fur bow
Fur bow 35 Fletching 120 100
King maple bow
King maple bow 45 Fletching 150 125
Magic bow
Magic bow 55 Fletching 180 150

Training Strategy Edit

Early levels most people choose to cut arrow shafts, and feather them to create headless arrows. This also extends into the midgame as one of the easiest ways to train if you have been thieving from men for arrow shafts, and guards for feathers.

People usually choose to make arrow heads after training smithing, and this provides nice AFK experience once combined with the headless arrows you have made earlier.

Bows are a lot less common as a training method, but if you did want to do it, it is a lot better experience to just cut the log into a bow, and not string it, unless you want to incinerate the bow for force essences.

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