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Fishing is the skill that provides the raw material for the best source of healing in the game. It is also one of the 3 skills that can be camped for AFK experience. However, it is less crucial for players than the other skills, as it is possible to train most skills without access to food.

There are only two different types of Fishing Pools on the map - shallow and deep. Each pool has a different group of fish that can be caught, and the probability of getting better fish changes with each increased fishing level. At 100 Fishing, The Shallow pool will only provide Mullet, while the Deep pool will still provide Boxfish, Rockfish and Starslugs.

From 20 Fishing and 10 Construction, Shallow Pool Camps require 5 Oak Logs, a Saw and a Net. Deep Pool Camps require 50 Fishing and 30 Construction, and require 5 King Maple Logs, a Saw and a Net.


Image Levels required Resources needed
  • 5 Oak logs
  • Saw
  • Net
  • 5 King maple logs
  • Saw
  • Net


Fishing net.png
Fishing Net Used to fish at any fishing spot Buy from general store owner (5 Stock) or Fishing Store Owner in Cadgwith (10 Stock)


* Note: Fishing level is not a hard requirement, and you will start catching higher level fish slightly earlier.


Raw shrimp.png
Raw Shrimp 1 Fishing 25 Shallow
Raw sardine.png
Raw Sardine 10 Fishing* 50 Shallow
Raw herring.png
Raw Herring 20 Fishing* 75 Shallow
Raw mullet.png
Raw Mullet 30 Fishing* 100 Both
Raw boxfish.png
Raw Boxfish 40 Fishing* 125 Deep
Raw rockfish.png
Raw Rockfish 50 Fishing* 150 Deep
Raw starslug.png
Raw Starslug 60 Fishing* 175 Deep

Training Strategy

Similar to other campable skills, training manually for the first 20 levels then camping at the best pool you can is the best way to train. Most people choose to train fishing at the pools near Cadgwith as they are close to a bank, and the fishing store for buying new nets. However, there is no king maple tree nearby, meaning that logs should be cut beforehand, and just retrieved from the bank.

If you have a reasonable crafting and thieving level, you should definitely consider using bags for your nets. That way you can bring more tools in a single trip while allowing more logs to be held at once. For deep pools you could consider a king maple bag of 30 slots, with a net bag of 10 slots, which would allow you to build 10 camps before heading back to the bank, and you would have just enough space for 3 different noted fish, coins, your net and saw.