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Firemaking in Guilds of Gods is a two part skill - at it's most simple it is the act of using a tinder box on a log to create a fire. However, firemaking also allows the player to incinerate items to create shards used in alchemy. Firemaking with tinderboxes is also the major source for ashes, also used in alchemy.


Matchbox Used on logs to make a fire Buy from General Store
Inferno knife.png
Inferno knife Trains mainly fletching, but also incinerates the bow created into shards, providing a small amount of firemaking experience Obby Minigame


This page will only list the logs, as they provide the majority of experience when training firemaking. For a list of shards, and experience from incinerating items check GOGZONE.

PICTURE ITEM NAME Firemaking Requirement Exp - Tinderbox Exp - Incinerate
Logs 1 25 5
Oak logs.png
Oak Logs 10 50 10
Ash logs.png
Ash Logs 20 75 15
Fur logs.png
Fur Logs 30 100 20
King maple logs.png
King Maple Logs 40 125 25
Magic logs.png
Magic Logs 50 150 30

Training Strategy

Fire making is a tough skill, and the temptation is definitely to use incineration to easily level, however the exp you get from incinerating a log is only 1/5th of what you get from burning it with a tinderbox. If you have a serious excess of logs you could consider it early on, but make sure you always save a few thousand logs for building camps later.

The level requirement to burn a log in one attempt is 20 levels higher than the base requirement, this means its usually better experience to burn a lower level log well past unlocking the next one. Early on however, I would just burn the best log you can.

A magic log bag makes fire making a lot easier when pushing for a high fire making level, but if you want to collect ashes, consider making it only 25 slots - this way you can burn each inventory of logs on a different spot, and left click to pick up your ashes when they appear from the other stacks. If your bag is 100 slots you will start to lose ashes before the last fire burns out.

Don't forget about the Item Pickup Scrolls, which make ash collecting much easier.

Speaking of ashes, I would wait til at least fur or king maple before you start picking up your ashes. Early logs give a lot less ashes than higher level ones.