Environment Magic is one of the two new skills added to Guilds of Gods in January 2020. Before environment magic all spell requirements were based on your Magic Focus level, but with this patch all non-combat spells were moved to Environment Magic. This includes all teleports, and the two item pickup spells, syphoning spells and all enchantments.

Spells Edit

Fiewon teleport scroll
Fiewon Teleport 10 1 Void, 3 Air 25 Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
Catdgwith teleport scroll
Cadgwith Teleport 14 1 Void, 2 Air, 1 Water 30 Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
Volcano teleport scroll
Volcano Teleport 18 1 Void, 2 Air, 1 Earth 35 Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
Island teleport scroll
Island Teleport 22 1 Void, 2 Air, 1 Fire Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
Hyrill teleport scroll
Hyrill Teleport 26 1 Void, 2 Air, 1 Fire, 1 Earth Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
Bodiam teleport scroll
Bodiam Teleport 30 1 Void, 2 Air, 1 Metal Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
Woodcutting guild teleport scroll
Woodcutting Guild Teleport 34 1 Void, 3 Air, 1 Water, 1 Earth Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
Mining guild teleport scroll
Mining Guild Teleport 38 1 Void, 3 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Metal Drops from Guards, Elder Goblins
3x3 item pickup scroll
3x3 Item pickup 1 3 Air, 3 Earth 10
5x5 Item pickup scroll
5x5 Item pickup 30 5 Air, 5 Earth

Silk Enchanting Edit

Silk Enchanting was added in v61 as part of the expansion to Environment Magic. It allows you to use Silk gathered while woodcutting and bind essences to make Silk. This is currently one of the best ways to train environment magic as long as you have access to the bind essence which require 70 alchemy to convert the shards into essence.

Find out more about silk enchanting here

Syphon Spells Edit

With patch v61 a new type of spell was added to Environment magic. It allows you to turn Carbon gained from Firemaking into essence shards. There is a Syphon spell for every essence, and the general conversion rate is 100 Carbon to 50 shards for lower tier essences, 150 Carbon to 50 shards for mid-tier essences, and 200 to 50 shards for higher tier essences. Experience per cast ranges from 6 to 11.

The Syphon scrolls currently drop from Elite Guards, Guild Swordsmen, Guild Archers and all the Emperors troops.

Enchantment Edit

Enchantment is a whole new system that was added to Environment Magic with v61. It is paired with the new skill Gem Cutting, and allows you to turn your cut gems into powerful jewelery. As of v61.2 Enchantment Scrolls are only dropped by the Emperor and his troops, and this makes them very hard to obtain. The only known enchantment scroll is one player with Enchant Item Collection - an enchantment that replaces the old system of Tomes.

Enchant Item Collection Edit

A Necklace or ring containing one or more gems enchanted with Enchant Item Collection allows a player to automatically pick up a specific monster drop killed during combat. This makes training combat one of the best ways to gather resources used to train a myriad of other skills such as spell pots for alchemy/firemaking or ammunition for ranged training.

Enchant Item Collection does have a few differences to Tomes. Firstly in that the charges are not randomised based on the value, instead the charges are randomised based on the quality of the gem, and the success of the enchantment. Low tier gems may roll 0 charges, while higher tier gems have a chance of rolling over 100,000!

The other big difference is that in order to choose the target for the new gems they must first be enchanted and then the desired item used on the gem. This means that it is no longer possible to make a gem for an item you do not currently possess. However, in most cases the things that you want your gem to pick up are things you already own, or could ask another player to enchant for you!

Valuable Targets for Item Collection Edit

Item Use
Feathers Gather feathers without having to pick them up! Was the gold standard of tomes before pick pocketting guards was added as a source of feathers.
Copper Arrows Hobgoblin archers commonly drop a stack of copper arrows. This is an extremely efficient way of gaining arrows for range training.
Rock Spike Rock Shell crabs have a 100% drop of these spikes, which are used to create ammo for the Anchor Crossbow - considered the best ranged training weapon in the game.
Shell Chest Key Rock Shell Crabs also drop this key at a low rate. The key stacks, and the chest is one of the best sources of high tier cloth in the game. Expect approximately 8 keys per day using this tome.
Fiewon Teleport Goblins commonly drop Fiewon teleports, which can be incinerated for 50 void shards, or used as is for Environment Magic experience
Coins Less useful, as each single coin is a charge, so a 100k charge tome will provide 100k coins.
Void Essence Hobgoblins have a rare drop of a single Void Essence. This is a slower source of void essence than Fiewon Teleport, but still useful
Iron Arrows A less common drop than the copper arrows. Still quite useful as a supplement for ammunition when training on Hobgoblin Archers
Wolf Claws Wolf Claws are dropped by all wolves, and are used to create Wolf Claw Arrows. The only reason this item isn't considered a more useful tome is that it is not currently possible to AFK Wolves for long periods, even with max melee, and full osmium armor.
Magic Scrolls Can be useful when farming for these items, particularly the teleport varieties from guards. Currently there is no known areas to AFK farm drops of the wound scrolls, but still handy
Cloth Because cloth does not stack, it is debatable whether or not having a cloth tome is useful, however in combination with bags provides a slight quality of life boost when farming cloth.

Other Tomes to consider Edit

Hobgoblin archers also drop a noted oak bow. Golem Fragments and Chunks may be useful if you are planning on farming for a golem necklace, as occasionally you will miss the appearance of a golem. Red Wizards drop a number of items that could be useful to have a tome for, including high tier essences and cloth, however these are definitely not AFK-able. One could also speculatively collect tomes for items they think will see a boost in future updates.

Training Strategy Edit

There are currently 3 known methods to effectively train Environment Magic, and the one that is right for you will depend on your other levels.

The quickest way is to enchant silk, starting with blue and making your way through the tiers as available. Assuming you have the silk and bind essence, you can reach level 38 to unlock all the teleports in only a few hours. Bags are essential as the obelisks are all quite a distance from town, so it is important to maximise your silk per run, however if you are just doing it for experience, sticking to 50 slot bags for blue, green and purple cloth is fine.

The most AFK way to train is using Syphon Essence spells, however this requires a great deal of carbon for not the best experience, but there isnt really another use for carbon anyway! Currently bind shards are the best experience per carbon to syphon at 15:200, but fire essence isn't much worse at 100:6.

Lastly, you can just spam teleport or pick-up spells. This isn't very efficient, but can get you a few early levels if needed.

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