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Crafting provides a number of benefits to other skills in Guilds of Gods - it is required for creating magic combat armors, spinning flax for bowstrings for fletching and drawstrings for making bags as well as the creation of Pots for alchemy. These uses, plus its relative ease to train means it is a great skill to work on early for a new player.

Crafting Supplies Edit

Needlte Used to craft bags & mage armor
  • Buy from crafting store
Thread Used to craft bags & mage armor
  • Buy from crafting store
Unfired claypot
Unfired claypot When fired add ashes to make pot of ashes 10 Crafting
  • Throwing Clay on a Pottery Wheel
Blue cloth
Blue cloth -Used to craft mage equipment.-Used to fill/repair bags. 1 Crafting
Green cloth
Green cloth -Used to craft mage equipment.-Used to fill/repair bags. 10 Crafting
Purple cloth
Purple cloth -Used to craft mage equipment.-Used to fill/repair bags. 20 Crafting
Burgundy cloth
Burgundy cloth -Used to craft mage equipment.-Used to fill/repair bags. 30 Crafting
Red cloth
Red cloth -Used to craft mage equipment.-Used to fill/repair bags. 40 Crafting
Clay Used to make Pots for Alchemy 1 Mining
Flax -Used to craft bowstrings -Used to craft drawstrings 1 Crafting
  • Gathering flax @overworld position 171,24
Drawstring -Used to make item bags 20 Crafting
  • Spinning wheel @overworld position 162,12
Bowstring -Used to make bows 1 Crafting

5 Fletching

  • Spinning wheel @overworld position 162,12
Grey wolf pelt
Grey wolf pelt Used to Craft Hybrid Range/Mage armor 30 Crafting
  • Wolfs @underworld position 162,56
D.grey wolf pelt
D.Grey wolf pelt Used to craft Hybrid Range/Mage Armor 50 Crafting

Craftable Equipment Edit


Blue wizard hat
Blue Wizard Hat 1 3 Blue Cloth, 3 Thread
Blue wizard top
Blue Wizard Top 4 4 Blue Cloth, 4 Thread
Blue wizard bottom
Blue Wizard Bottom 8 5 Blue Cloth, 5 Thread
Green wizard hat
Green Wizard Hat 10 3 Green Cloth, 3 Thread
Green wizard top
Green Wizard Top 14 4 Green Cloth, 4 Thread
Green wizard bottom
Green Wizard Bottom 18 5 Green Cloth, 5 Thread
Purple wizard hat
Purple Wizard Hat 20 3 Purple Cloth, 3 Thread
Purple wizard top
Purple Wizard Top 24 4 Purple Cloth, 4 Thread
Purple wizard bottom
Purple Wizard Bottom 28 5 Purple Cloth, 5 Thread
Burgundy wizard hat
Burgundy Wizard Hat 30 3 Burgundy Cloth, 3 Thread
Burgundy wizard top
Burgundy Wizard Top 34 4 Burgundy Cloth, 4 Thread
Burgundy bottom
Burgundy Wizard Bottom 38 5 Burgundy Cloth, 5 Thread
Red wizard hat
Red Wizard Hat 40 3 Red Cloth, 3 Thread
Red wizard top
Red Wizard Top 44 4 Red Cloth, 4 Thread
Red wizard bottom
Red Wizard Bottom 48 5 Red Cloth, 5 Thread
Grey pelt torso
Grey pelt torso 30 4 Grey Wolf Pelts, 4 Thread
Grey pelt pants
Grey pelt pants 35 5 Grey Wolf Pelts, 5 Thread
Dark grey pelt torso
Dark grey pelt torso 50 4 Dark Grey Wolf Pelts, 4 Thread
Dark grey pelt pants
Dark grey pelt pants 55 5 Dark Grey Wolf Pelts, 5 Thread

Item Bags Edit

The biggest Quality-of-Life upgrade that crafting provides is the ability to create Item Bags. These bags allow you to hold multiple of an unstackable item in a single slot in your inventory.

Item bag
Item bag 1 Crafting

3 Blue Cloth, 3 Thread, 1 Drawstring

When first created the Item Bag only has one slot and one charge. This is improved by adding more cloth to increase the size, and to repair it - adding more charges to it.

Cloth Tier Max Size Charges added


Blue 10 10 1
Green 25 25 10
Purple 50 50 20
Burgundy 100 100 30
Red 200 200 40

See also Item Bags for more information about Item bags, including recommendations for what items to make bags for.

Training Strategy Edit

Clay all day! This is definitely the most consistent experience in the game, with each clay providing 150 experience between throwing and firing. I highly recommend getting as many clay bags as you can bear, as being able to process 100, 200 or more clay in a single trip makes crafting a great skill to train, as well as a whole lot of AFK crafting experience when you finally fire all the pots you have been spinning.

If you can't buy clay from a player it is often a great thing to have an alternative account do, as it requires only 10 mining and a bunch of copper pick axes. The mining exp is terrible so doing it on an alt means your characters are free to concentrate on getting better exp elsewhere.

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