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Cooking is the skill that allows you to turn raw food into a healing item for combat training. Cooked fish and burnt fish also provide a reasonable source of shards through incineration. Fish can either be cooked on a fire or range. They seem to have identical success rates, but an upgraded range will cook one tick faster.

Food Edit


Cooked shrimp
Shrimp 35 1 Cooking +3 HP
Cooked chicken
chicken ? 1 Cooking +3 HP
Cooked steak
Steak ? 2 Cooking +4 HP
Cooked egg
Egg ? 4cooking +3 HP must be cooked on range
Chicken pot pie
Chicken pie ? 8 Cooking +4 HP
  • pan
  • dough
  • cooked chicken
must be cooked on range
Cooked sardine
Sardine 70 10 Cooking +4 HP
Cooked meat pie
Meat pie ? 10 Cooking +5 HP
  • pan
  • dough
  • cooked steak
must be cooked on range
Cooked cake
Cake ? 14 Cooking + ?HP
  • pan
  • dough
  •  ?
must be cooked on range
Cooked herring
Herring 105 20 Cooking +5 HP
Cooked mullet
Mullet 140 30 Cooking +6 HP
Cooked boxfish
Boxfish 175 40 Cooking +8 HP
Cooked rockfish
Rockfish 200 50 Cooking +10 HP
Cooked starslug
Starslug 215 60 Cooking +12 HP
Burnt fish
Burnt Food 0 Various Good for Incineration

Training Strategy Edit

Using bags to cook fish on an iron range is the fastest way to train cooking. The new foods are good healing for lower level players, but are too hard to gather for mass cooking training. Having at least a 25 slot bag for Raw Mullet and higher will allow you to cook more fish per trip,while having a high slot Raw Starslug bag, and an equal sized Starslug bag will allow you to cook and keep the best source of healing currently in the game.

Bodiam's bank is the closest to a range.

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