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Construction is used to build various objects on the lands of Guilds of Gods. These objects currently include:

Image Object Type Purpose
WorldObjects Camps.png
Camps Automatically gather resources and note them
WorldObjects Dummy.png
Dummies Enemies that don't fight back, stay in place, and have a set number of HP
WorldObjects Crafting.png
Upgraded Crafting Stations Craft items faster

Camps and Upgraded Crafting Stations have a limited number of uses before they are destroyed and you need to build a new one or re-upgrade the station. The number of uses per camp or upgrade goes up as you gain Construction levels.

Dummies' HP is determined by the tier you make, and does not scale with your Construction level like camps do.

In order to build, you need a Saw which can be bought from the general store in the castle for a small amount of coins. Using the saw on logs brings up a menu which shows what you can build with those logs and what the requirements are. The general rule for the requirements is 5 of a type of log and a piece of equipment.

To upgrade a crafting station, you must right-click the crafting station and click the Upgrade option to bring up the construction menu.

You also have a limit to the number of Constructed Objects you may have out at once before one must either be used up or disassembled manually by right-clicking it and selecting Disassemble. Every adventurer you have increases the limit by 1, with every 20 levels of Construction on a single adventurer increasing it by 1 as well.

As for examples:

  • Having 3 adventurers with 20/15/15 construction gives you a max building limit of 4.
  • Having 1 adventurer with 40 construction gives you a max building limit of 3.

What you can build

1 Construction - Tier 1 Buildings

Image Object Additional Requirements Cost
Lumber Camp 10 Woodcutting Copper Axe, 5 Logs
Copper Mining Camp 10 Mining Copper Pickaxe, 5 Logs
Clay Mining Camp 10 Mining Copper Pickaxe, 5 Logs
Copper Training Dummy 10 Combat Copper Platebody, 5 Logs

10 Construction - Tier 2 Buildings

Image Object Additional Requirements Cost
Oak Lumber Camp 20 Woodcutting Iron Axe, 5 Oak Logs
Iron Mining Camp 20 Mining Iron Pickaxe, 5 Oak Logs
Shallow Pool Fishery 10 Fishing Fishing Net, 5 Logs
Iron Training Dummy 20 Combat Iron Platebody, 5 Oak Logs

20 Construction - Tier 3 Buildings

Image Object Additional Requirements Cost
Ash Lumber Camp 30 Woodcutting Steel Axe, 5 Ash Logs
Coal Mining Camp 30 Mining Steel Pickaxe, 5 Ash Logs
Steel Training Dummy 30 Combat Steel Platebody, 5 Ash Logs

25 Construction - Tier 3.5 Buildings

Image Object Additional Requirements Cost
Gold Mining Camp 35 Woodcutting Steel pickaxe,5Ash logs

30 Construction - Tier 4 Buildings

Image Object Additional Requirements Cost
Fur Lumber Camp 40 Woodcutting Nelenite Axe, 5 Fur Logs
Nelenite Mining Camp 40 Mining Nelenite Pickaxe, 5 Fur Logs
Nelenite Training Dummy 40 Combat Nelenite Platebody, 5 Fur Logs

40 Construction - Tier 5 Buildings

Image Object Additional Requirements Cost
King Maple Lumber Camp 50 Woodcutting Gothite Axe, 5 King Maple Logs
Gothite Mining Camp 50 Mining Gothite Pickaxe, 5 King Maple Logs
Gothite Training Dummy 50 Combat Gothite Platebody, 5 King Maple Logs

50 Construction - Tier 6 Buildings

Image Object Additional Requirements Cost
Magic Lumber Camp 60 Woodcutting Osmium Axe, 5 Magic Logs
Osmium Mining Camp 60 Mining Osmium Pickaxe, 5 Magic Logs
Osmium Training Dummy 60 Combat Osmium Platebody, 5 Magic Logs

Upgrading Crafting Stations

These aren't separated into tiers because there really aren't tiers for this. They can also take other tools and not need a saw.

Image Target Upgrade Requirements Cost
Furnace Steel Furnace 25 Construction, 35 Smithing, Hammer 5 Steel Bars
Pottery Wheel Fur Pottery Wheel 30 Construction, 40 Crafting 5 Fur Logs
Range Iron Range 20 Construction, 30 Cooking, Hammer 5 Iron Bars

Training Strategy

Generally it is recommended just letting construction level naturally through gathering skills, If you are working on mining and woodcutting evenly, you will find you have more than enough construction exp to build higher level camps when you need to. If you are just working on one skill per adventurer, then you will over-level before having the requirement to build next camp, but this isn't the worst thing in the world. I believe you get around 72 mining or woodcutting before hitting 50 construction for osmium camps.

However, if you are pushing for max, or just want a slightly higher construction so your camps last longer, the method I used was to smith a few hundred osmium axes, and put a huge amount of charges on a magic log bag that was 100 slots. Have the magic log bag in position 1 of your inventory, and when you process your logs, they will return to the bag, allowing you to spam process until the camps are exhausted. If you have 5 camps built on one spot, there is a spot on the camp where your mouse will be over the process option as soon as you right click, allowing you to spam process quite easily. This should work for the first 3 camps, before you have to start moving your mouse to the process option. Note that it took me around 80k charges, and 300 axes to push from my naturally gained 84 construction to 100, which is only worthwhile if you are pushing to max.