Guilds of Gods Changelog Edit

Combat Update - October 15th 2018 Edit

  • NPCs respawn at their spawn point.
  • Defense from armor now works.
  • Chickens are not as strong.
  • Showing combat levels for every Charater and other player, followable players.
  • Timer fixes for before and after current tick.
  • NPCs and characters pathfind into view and range for attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with the combat algorithm.
  • Added wizards and more chickens.

Graphics and Action Bugfixes - October 14th 2018 Edit

  • Actions can no longer be spam clicked to stack them.
  • Graphics issues of items or icons dissapearing or on death or relog fixed.
  • New accounts start with some health and a few more starter items.
  • Food! Cooked fish is now edible and will heal you in combat.
  • Added additional special characters to character map.

Shop, Map, and skill fixes - October 13th 2018 Edit

  • More in game messages on actions.
  • Shops no longer load stock from other shops.
  • Walking along the border of the map keeps your character centered.
  • Fletching arrows now remove correct items.
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