Guilds of Gods Wiki
Quest requirement(s) Steps Reward(s)
  1. Read the recipes @Overworld 292,54
  2. Prepare Vixen's & Billy's favourite meal
  • 5K Fishing experience
  • 10K Cooking experience
Image name Steps to make the meal(s)
  1. Put 2 Empty buckets a Cooked chicken and some logs and a matchbox in your inventory
  2. Pick 8 herbs at 265,143
  3. Grind all herbs into a bucket of refined herbs at the mill @ Overworld 213,21
  4. Right click on the refined herbs>Spice and make the chicken supreme.
  5. Talk to billy with the chicken supreme in your inventory.
  1. pick fishing net @Overworld 383,75
  2. Fish Tuna @Overworld 380,72
  3. Cook tuna
  4. Right click on the refined herbs>Spice and make Gourmet tuna.
  5. Approach Vixen with the gourmet tuna in your inventory.

If you have a higher level environmental magic, the closest teleport to Billy & Vixen, and the Tuna location is the Woodcutting Guild (Level 34 EM) and the Mill is closest to Cadgwith (Level 14 EM).